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I have been sharing a blog of the week with our department via email most weeks for some extra CPD/further reading.

In the subject of the email I try to include the reading time so as to not lull them into prioritizing this over more pressing concerns.

There are some weeks when workload is high and so I do not share one. I do not EXPECT staff to read it; I am trying to encourage a culture of wider reading and improvement.

I have recently bought every member of the department a copy of Pete Mattock’s Visible Maths using Catch Up Premium Funding as I think it is important that we develop our understanding of correct approaches and teach things first time round that are generalisable to future topics. Jo Morgan’s Maths Gems posts are very popular with maths teachrs too. Before the summer holidays I am going to recommend that teachers read Mark McCourt’s Teaching for Mastery trilogy of blogs, which are epic!

Here is a list of what I have shared so far this year that I will now update weekly:

14th November 2018 – Exit Tickets – Harry Fletcher Wood – reading time 8 mins – formative assessment in practice

21st November 2018 – Using the technique “ShowCall” in Maths – Naveen Rizvi – reading time 7 minutes – formative assessment in practice

28th November – Craig Barton interview with ex-maths lead HMI for Ofsted, Jane Jones – Ben Gordon – reading time 15 minutes – various gold

4th December – Deciding on department methods – Dani Quinn – reading time 8 minutes – explanations and methods

9th January – Dylan Wiliam’s Five Principles of Formative Assessment – Tom Sherrington – reading time 9 minutes – formative assessment

16th January – Multiple Personalities of Fractions – Bruno Reddy – reading time 10 minutes – topic specific multiple methods

23rd January – Polishing the dirt – Symbol Marking to direct review lesson tasks after a fortnightly quiz -Ben Gordon -reading time 10 minutes – feedback

30th January – Checking for understanding for building relationships -Doug Lemov – reading time 8 minutes – building relationships/formative assessment

13th February – That Will Emeny Maths Curriculum blog – Will Emeny – reading time 12 minutes – curriculum

25th February – What can behavioural psychology tell us about completing homework? – Harry Fletcher-Wood – reading time 5 minutes – homework and psychology

3rd March – I asked staff to read Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction article and gave them a few weeks – reading time 30 minutes.

1st April – A Bill Roger’s Top 10 for behaviour management – Tom Sherrington – behaviour

8th April – Atomisation part 1 – Naveen Rizvi – reading time 12 minutes – sequencing/explanation/curriculum

7th May – Guide to using equation editor in Word and PowerPoint – Dan Rodriguez-Clark – Reading time 6 mins – planning and resource creation

13th May 2019 – “Never let me go” – how to make the most of guided practice and modelling in maths – Dani Quinn, Head of Maths at Michaela Community school – Reading time 8 minutes – planning/examples/modelling/practice

6th June 2019 – “Engineering Success” by Tom Sherrington. Reading time 8 minutes  – mindset, metacognition, revision, instruction, motivation

6th September 2019 – ‘Communicating a schema‘ by Ollie Lovell. Reading time 5 minutes – metacognition, dual coding, schema, making links

18th November – “Challenge beyond Blooms” by Adam Boxer


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